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When we are faced with adversity, challenges, and setbacks, it can be so easy to curl up.  We can feel deeply isolated and not know where to turn. This past week has been deeply heartbreaking not only for our country, but for humanity as a whole.

We can feel helpless and easily dive into:

Things will never change

There is no hope

I give up

But, what if I told you, no matter what happens in your Creative Life, you actually have 3 choices in any given moment?

What if I gave you the tool to handle anything that occurs?

Being in choice is what literally saved my life, allowed me to build my business, and brought me to my mission.  My Creativity has flourished under this choice.

So, now I want to hear from you!

How can you use this today to move you forward? 

How can you use this to bring us all closer together through the gift of your Creative Voice?

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