Reclaim Your Unstoppable Confidence.

Live Your Fearless Vision

Expand Your Perfect Audience.

Do you have a life you are trying to get to?

Maybe you feel like you lost your spark. You used to move with such confidence and certainty, and now you can’t figure out how to get it back. You built up your life and career to look a certain way, and now you feel stuck because it’s not going how you want, and most of all, you are completely doubting your ability to make it happen.

Maybe you’ve gone through some kind of loss, or big life event like a divorce, a big breakup, a move, or loss of a loved one, and this has left you shaky and insecure.

You know now you will never be satisfied with a life of regret, and now dream of sitting in the driver’s seat, fully confident, living the life you’ve always dreamed of, and having the impact you’ve always desired to have in the world.

Creating the life we want can be exciting and terribly daunting.

I get it. I felt the same way. After a devastating divorce where I lost everything I knew in my life, I felt completely lost and confused. I had been married for 15 years, in my performance career for 19 years, and everything went up in a ball of smoke in just one year’s time. I knew what I wanted, I just had no idea how to create it. I wanted to stand center stage in work I loved where I felt confident and fearless, and I wanted a loving relationship that grew into a family.

I had spent all of my life keeping up an act that I had it all together,

I was constantly seeking approval, asking permission, and valuing perfection. But when my heart broke in the face of losing everything that mattered, for the first time in my life, I decided to try something new.

What if my life could change?

What if who I was wasn’t about my credits, my accomplishments, or how I looked…
What if who I was, was more about something far deeper, and more impactful?

What if it came down to feeling ok with who I am and how I present myself to the world…my presence?

Meaning, who I AM and HOW I showed up IN my life?

And it was when I placed all of my attention on my inner being, and how I showed up in the world with people that my life radically changed.

  • + I found a life partner who shared my vision of family and showered me with unconditional love,
  • + I created a business and work that fulfilled me deeply,
  • + I reclaimed my creative voice, and grew my audience into a world wide stage with ease.

It is your birthright to live the life of your dreams.

THIS IS WHY I CREATED Powerful Presence.

Because I want this for you, too.

What is Powerful Presence?

Powerful Presence is knowing you have everything you need within you to create and live the life you desire.

Powerful Presence is the courage to take bold steps, to have the life you desire and accomplish your fearless vision.

It is the deep knowing that when you stand up to speak, no matter who you are in front of and what is happening in that moment, you are ok.

It is feeling relaxed and confident because you know who you are at your core is actually bringing you all you want.

Powerful Presence stays with you in the face of your deepest fears and allows you to move through them and transform where you have felt stuck.

It’s you attracting the relationships you need to have your most fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

It is you lighting up a room.

You are able to stand powerfully and magnetize a larger audience that will support your work and voice.

It is you knowing you are whole, worthy, and complete just as you are.

Powerful presence is you knowing that who you are is your greatest power.

In all my years of coaching men and women across the globe, I have seen that when a person cultivates a healthy and life-affirming relationship with themselves and the people around them, they rise. Their presence transforms and creates the life they want. The past falls away, and the vision they always wanted manifests.

Now you are ready to reclaim life on your terms.

I created this just for you, because I WAS you.

This is your time. Your time to rise.

HERE’S what clients have to SAY:

“I had never been a confident person. I always second-guessed myself, questioned my instincts, and never thought I was good enough to succeed. I was my own worst enemy. When Nikol offered this course I felt it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Nervous, yet eager, I began my journey. Soon enough, I was learning to meditate through my stresses, figure out what I need from people around me and myself, understand why I am so hard on myself in the first place, and why I procrastinate writing my stones. I was beginning to feel like myself again, but better. Since completing this course,I am now receiving numerous job offers, and have had to turn down a few already! Ideas for my scripts keep blooming, and my writing flows naturally. I have gained a new confidence in my work, and myself. I have become a stronger, more-confident version of myself, and I am truly happy with the outcome.”

-Kirsten Koedding

“In all honesty, I was in a low place, and revisiting my purposes, my wants, my dreams, and my fears. I had started re-examining myself but lacked the tools to push through in an active, constructive way. And because of that my relationships, personal and professional began to suffer. Nikol’s process helped me realize my own debilitating critic and the trauma that influenced It. Once I started to realize how much control I actually have in cultivating my power, my “presence”, I could feel my life actions to be different because I was truly looking at my situations differently.

The success has really been in how I look at and define myself and my relationships. I’ve become more vocal without needing to be loud, self-assured and more willing to examine my shortcomings as a bridge to be better not as an invitation to beat myself up. Work-wise, besides realizing how powerful my “no” can be, I’ve begun to write consistently again and have even closed on a director and possible producer for my first short film for a January production. I feel stronger, more in line with my capability, my purpose and search for opportunity. Nikol gave me the tools to relearn just how precious that truth actually is.”

-Jamal James

“I hired Nikol after I separated from a career that served as my passion and identity for over 17 years. I felt lost, unfocused, and a lack of confidence. When I met Nikol, my “rebound” job held situations that challenged my core values, as well as negative people who made me feel discouraged, alone, and disconnected from myself and the passions that fuel my heart. She helped me break things down when I feel overwhelmed; helped me find and generate confidence when I was unsure or felt vulnerable. She has taught me new ways to focus when I feel scattered. I found resources hidden inside of me. Nikol helps me re-frame how I think, feel, and act from places of strength and resource rather than from fear or limitation.

I trust myself more now. Nikol is my own personal stock investor and personal trainer rolled into one! “

-Diane McClay | The Choice and Courage Company, Life Coach

“I’m so glad I said yes to my gut, instead of my fear. Since working with Nikól: I’m feeling more centered, confident, and ready to take actionable steps forward in my career I’m having more sustainable energy to work toward my goals – rather than 1 day of getting a huge amount of things accomplished followed by six days of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and then repeating that cycle I’ve actually started and completed projects and tasks that I’ve been sitting on for a year.

And I’ve gotten clearer on what I really want to do.I passionately recommend working with Nikól.”

-Serenity Fisher | Writer, Singer, Teacher

“She is definitely more that just a coach, but your companion in your success, your guide in your inspiration and your assistant in the vision to soul’s purpose. Thank you so much Nikól!”

-Rodrigo Imana | Amayu Institute, Chiropractor

“I started to feel more aligned with what I wanted to do and who I am as a person. Relationships became more meaningful. I now have a tribe of people I can go to, and feel completely safe around. I started to feel more confidence and grounded. I started booking more standup, signed with an agency, and booked commercials. I traveled to L.A. and performed at a comedy club that wants me back, and connected with a manager. This work is to help you feel fulfilled and empowered.”

-Max Isaacson | Comedian, Actor




Reclaim Your Unstoppable Confidence.

Live Your Fearless Vision.

Expand Your Perfect Audience.

3 month self-paced journey

In this course, you will learn:

Module 1:

The first step to transforming your life

Module 2:

How to tap into your unlimited power

Module 3:

How to release your inner critic and embrace what’s most important to you

Module 4:

How to create the perfect space for your dreams

Module 5:

How to create a strong vision that brings your dreams to life

Module 6:

How to clear your core limiting belief and revolutionize the results in your life

Module 7:

How to magnetize your dreams to you

Module 8:

How to share your unique voice powerfully

Module 9:

The real secret to audience attraction

Module 10:

How to access your unstoppable confidence

Module 11:

How to create a solid support system that nurtures and affirms your life and work

Module 12:

How to feel great and energized in your life and work no matter what

Module 13:

The 7 Keys to a Powerful Presence that lasts

In Powerful Presence, we go step by step to reclaim your confidence and help you stand powerfully in front of your perfect audience.

Powerful Presence will get it back so you can access everything you ever wanted.

Each module opens you deeper and deeper to your unique power, giving you the skills necessary to stand center stage, confidently knowing you are attracting what you desire in your life.

You will learn what really creates audience attraction, and the secret ingredients to take bold action. You will learn how to release old blocks and finally have the kind of relationships in your life that lift and support you.

We will release fear, scarcity, stress, and overwhelm, to instead fill your cup with a vibrant energy that overflows into everything you do. You will learn how to manage your time and have your days work FOR your dreams, ending each night with gratitude and celebration of what you have overcome and created.

And each module will give you an action step to apply the tools in your life, right away.

You will receive a full toolbox to embody unstoppable confidence.

How does Powerful Presence work ?

Upon sign up you will receive the welcome material and Module 1 to dive in and begin your journey. Then, moving forward, you will receive a new module each week on the same day you purchased the course. So, if you purchased the course on a Monday, each Monday you will receive a new email with the link to the next teaching. Regardless of when you receive each module, you have the ability to set own pace and schedule for learning the material and applying to your life.

Each module will be fully downloadable with the option to receive the training through either video or audio. You will also receive downloadable worksheets and supplemental embodiment exercises. All content for each module will be on the course page for you to easly access.

if you prefer private support and are seeking 1:1 coaching as you go through the course, we have an option for you. if you choose this option, over the course of six months, you and i will have six coaching calls when you can get all the support you need personally to bring your Powerful Presence to life even faster.

So, in recap, you have the choice of self-paced or a six month private 1:1 coaching journey with me.

Choose Your Option

Self-Paced Program you get:

  • Welcome Materials
  • Each module delivered weekly

Program + 1:1 Coaching:

  • Welcome Materials
  • Each module delivered weekly
  • Six (6) 30 minute private coaching calls with me. Within the 6 month period of signing up for the course.

and bring your fearless vision to life.

self-paced program


Pay in Full or $103/month for 10 months


PROGRAM + 1:1 Coaching with Nikol


Pay in Full or $171/month for 12 months

Hear from our Clients:

“Nikol has helped me take steps that I never thought I would.

Nikól helped me in finding my voice as a writer in very dark days. I learned to really share myself, my story. Nikol helped me find words and use the words to impact others. It really made me see how personal and business go hand in hand. Writing from the heart, it is the core of my being and the core of my business. And I now can take a stand for that. In Nikól I found someone who understands that love of writing and sharing a personal story. And she taught me how I can build on that. I am grateful for our work together!”

Marije Hoogland


“Nikol is awesome in her work and the guidance she has provided me throughout this process! Her spirit is uplifting and carries you throughout this journey. When we first met, I was all over the place and anxiety driven with all the goals I wanted to accomplish. Nikol was able to help me design a road map, a realistic one! This allowed me to plan out all my steps and put them in the appropriate paths to accomplish my goals. The coaching built my confidence to reach out to others to share the difference I was making in the world and how I wanted them to be part of it.”

Nadine Juste

Girlz Powered Up, Healthcare Manager, Community Builder

“I went to my first networking event (a conference) and WOW, what an example of how far I’ve come. Before I would hide in the corner, in the hopes that no one would see me. Now, I walked straight in, head up, warmly greeted the staff and immediately connected with another guest. She even commented on how good I am at networking! I felt confident, natural and grounded, not a single shred of the fear and anxiety that used to consume me. I came away with three new friends from the day, and wrote follow up messages to 10 new contacts after the event. Best of all, I connected with a fellow designer in my field who kindly offered to be my mentor. I hadn’t even fathomed that an offer of mentorship was possible! It was such a rewarding and life-affirming experience.Thank you Nikol for helping me clear my limiting beliefs so I can finally be seen.”

Kristy Prause

Kristy Kate Designs

“My name is Rachel and I am an actor, sharer of yoga, and grounded living guide. Before working with Nikol, I was feeling stuck and very lost in my industry. I felt burnt out from everything I was doing and constantly felt like I was giving and doing so much, but not getting what I wanted in return (creatively). In fact, I wasn’t feeling very creative at all, like the things that once brought me such joy just….weren’t. (In the work with Nikol,) I realized that I had been searching for other people to validate me in my creativity, my art- but I wasn’t validating myself. I realized I had to make some major changes and mindset shifts if I wanted to make my creative dreams a reality and most of all, I learned to really go after what I wanted-not what I thought other people wanted me to want or be. Basically, I took other people’s expectations out of the equation. Now, I am on my way to producing a developmental workshop of a new play, launched a blog, feel more confident in my pricing, and feel much more in tune with myself and my art.”

Rachel Schmeling

Actress, Producer, Grounded Living Guide

What You’ll Receive:

13 Video Module Trainings

Downloadable Exercises and the Complete Powerful Presence Workbook

Downloadable Guided Meditations

Downloadable Embodiment Exercises

Transcripts of each module

Audio Download of each module

Instant Access to Welcome Materials

Lifetime Membership

Premier Guest Teacher

I am so thrilled to have the incredible Tom Tynan coming in to teach you in Powerful Presence. He has taught all of my clients how to clear their core limiting belief and I have watched client after client have massive breakthroughs from his workshop. And it all began because he changed my life after four years of therapy, and he did it in one session. However, I will let Tom speak for himself, so you can get to know him:

Hi there; I’m Tom Tynan

We live in a time of huge change, not only in the structure of our society but also in our consciousness. The purpose of my work at this time is to facilitate positive change in individuals, organizations, and business through creating authentic relationships. These relationships thrive and prosper on the highest levels of good and success. The most important and often most difficult relationship being that with oneself as it creates all other relationships.

I facilitate conscious and unconscious letting go whatever holds you back. You will open to new possibilities so that growth and creativity can occur.

I believe ….

You are limited by your core beliefs about yourself, others and life.Real confidence is not a mystery and is available to you right now.Self-acceptance and self-love are key to having everything you need.That you can build your best life imaginable and dream business so that it works for you.

Awareness is the most important step in awakening. Love is infinitely more powerful than fear

All is one

Course Bonuses


A workshop to learn how to make requests of others that actually work, so you can get more done, have the support you need, and feel confident that you have the right people in your life to cheer you on.

Powerful Presence always begins with you, and then you have to take it out into the world and actually create collaborative partners, teams, and personal circles that you can rely on. When we begin to expand, we can commonly find ourselves surrounded by people who disappoint us, let us down, or simply don’t follow up on their word. And since you need support to grow, it’s vital to learn how to make requests that actually get things done.

In this workshop, we’ll dive into the actual structure of what to say, the energy you need to bring, and the vital ingredient that you must take care of first before any request is made.


A workshop to empower you in the face of rejection, give you the tools to avoid burnout, and surround yourself with people who energize you.

Hearing No can really stop us, especially when we are taking first steps towards our dreams. These No’s can be from gatekeepers, family, friends, or colleagues. And each No can deplete you of vital energy needed to take the next bold step.

In this workshop, you will learn how to transform any “No” you encounter, and to surround yourself with team members, partners, and collaborators who are just as excited to watch you rise.


A workshop to transform your inner critic and release you from critics in your life.

We get a lot of abusive messaging in the world, constantly telling us we are not enough, and we are broken at our core. This can be like an endless loop in your head and keep you from taking the steps necessary to bring your dreams to life.

In this workshop, you will learn how to transform any critic you encounter, whether it is cultural, societal, professional, personal, or the most challenging….internal. You will learn how to stop the incessant loop and use it to actually learn what you need most to bring your dreams to life.

This course is right for you if…

  • You are an action taker
  • You are ready to learn from a coach
  • You know you are not where you want to be and have NO idea how to get there
  • You’re tired of seeing the same results in your life and you’re ready for it to change now.
  • You’ve been historically hard on yourself and want to learn how to change that
  • You want your work to help more people across the globe
  • You want to have a larger public presence and have no idea how
  • You are ready to dive in WITH your fear instead of fighting it and make real change in your life.


  • 13 Video Modules
  • Powerful Presence Playbook of exercises
  • Guided Embodiment Practices
  • Audio Trainings
  • Full transcripts of each module
  • Guest Teaching from Tom Tynan
  • Lifetime access to core materials, year after year, for the lifetime of the program
  • BONUS: Making Requests
  • BONUS: Hearing No and Laying Boundaries with Grace
  • BONUS: Transforming the Critic


self-paced program


Pay in Full or $103/month for 10 months


PROGRAM + 1:1 Coaching with Nikol


Pay in Full or $171/month for 12 months

Hear from our Clients:

“Nikol gently guided us through exercises designed to face our fears. I realized that the stories within me are limitless and unique.”

-Janet Ocwieja | Visual Artist

“Nikol helped me understand my inner critic and strip away my self judgement. With a new found confidence, I now have a plan to claim my dream life and a clear direction.”

Caitlin Cannon

Photographer, Choreographer, Tap Educator

“Nikól helped me so much to gain more confidence in myself. I appreciate Nikól helping me transform my life and begging the beautiful journey to self expression and service!”

Tacia WIlliams

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Teacher, Dancer

“Before working with Nikol I had trouble sharing my stories with the world. Working with her, I started to examine my fears and begin to address them. I was able to reconnect with my dream of being a full time comic creator. I learned how to genuinely present myself, but most importantly, Nikol provided powerful tools I needed most that helped me weather adversity, rejection, disappointment, uncertainty and failure. She helped me realize success can come in many forms. I was able to rebuild my online presence and launched a successful Kickstarter that made 3.5 times the amount I initially asked!”

-Dirk Tiede | Comic Creator

“Nikol came to me at a time when I was very much at a crossroads in my professional career. I have been a dancer my entire life and along the way I discovered other passions within the healing arts such as Yoga and Reiki. I was always told to be a successful artist you had to sacrifice financial success. After attending Nikol’s workshop I feel as though the years of stigma surrounded by being an artist have been lifted off my shoulders. I now know I can move into this next chapter of my life fulfilled creatively, spiritually, and financially. This is a breath of fresh air to the artist, creator, and visionary within us all.”

-Allie Grae | Dancer, Reiki Healer,

Yoga Instructor

“I was able to connect strongly with my reasons for making music and what I stand for as an artist, in order to have a much more powerful presence and find my unique voice on Social Media. This has been invaluable.

I have been able to focus on blocks that were holding me back, and brainstorm new ideas and strategies.

I now have the confidence to SPEAK to my followers with confidence and talk about subjects close to my heart without fear. I have also learned how to communicate my needs more effectively to the people I work with, using the tools of Non-Violent Communication – a module that is taught in the program, which aids with more harmonious working environments. “

-Livia Pye | Singer Songwriter

When you complete this course

you will have:

  • daily habit of creating self connection
  • full clarity on your vision and next steps to take
  • deeper connection to your feelings and needs, understanding of your core limiting belief and the tools to love yourself deeper
  • steps on eliminating toxic relationships and habits
  • more energy and vitality
  • clarity on how to expand your audience and share your work through a powerful presence.
  • unstoppable confidence
  • How to build and maintain long lasting loving relationships in your life
  • a fearless toolbox to silence your inner critic
  • newfound confidence in your voice


self-paced program


Pay in Full or $103/month for 10 months


PROGRAM + 1:1 Coaching with Nikol


Pay in Full or $171/month for 12 months

I feel so devoted to your powerful presence, and so committed to delivering a transformative experience for your life, that I feel confident in offering

you this Fulfillment Promise.

If you dive in and participate fully, and you’re not jazzed with this course for any reason, email us at, and you can have all your money back. No hard feelings.

Your presence is of the utmost importance to me because I know when you are confident in your skin, you will shine your brightest.

It is my lifelong vow to empower you to truly see who you are is your greatest power.

I believe in you and I want you to have what you want. True urgency is when we make the commitment. It’s when we say “yes” to ourselves, we end the struggle. You can end the fighting today.

It’s time to stop doubting yourself and start bringing your vision into reality. See you in the course.

By purchasing you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

About Nikól

Nikól Rogers, ACC, WPCC, is an empowerment coach, writer, and speaker who founded The ZenRed Method in 2015 to teach professional artists, speakers, entrepreneurs, and presenters how to be Fearless and embody a Powerful Presence, connect deeply with their audience, and stand out from the crowd. As a result, her clients create free of stress in their projects, and feel confident and secure in their work. Her clients have published books, sold out events and concerts, created Solo shows, spoken on large stages, and created award winning businesses that feed and nourish them.