Powerful Presence VIP  DAY

If you do really well with a detailed road map, a VIP day is for you. If you are working on a presentation, a keynote, or show, we will deep dive into actual techniques to deliver your strongest and most powerful performance possible; one your ideal audience will rave about. If you are seeking to take your platform to the next level, we will create a solid plan to expand your audience.

In this session, we will:

  • Identify the core block holding you back in your career. Create a 90-day action plan.
  • Step into your unique and most powerful voice.
  • Tap into and unleash your confidence.
  • Clarify how to rock out your calendar and get more done with less effort.
  • Learn how to engage and magnetize your audience online and in person.


If you are serious about creating long-lasting change.


“My half VIP day was not only an incredible value, it was actually invaluable.  Nikól’s ability to raise your energy, explode your motivation, dig in to your driving force, and also get very detailed with tactical advice was all so incredible.  I ended our meeting with new direction, a bigger vision, unrecognizable energy, that I couldn’t believe came from one session.  I completely believe that the energy you exude is the energy you attract, and the results I had after my session with Nikól’s complete proof of that belief.  My business and sales increased, my team mates stepped up, and my vision has been painted even larger than before.  Thank you Nikól for your unique talent. I’m so thankful to have met you.”


“I am truly amazed by Nikól’s way of connecting to her clients. I felt how she could see and communicate with my soul and allow my human self to better understand and express what was with in me all along. She is definitely more than just a coach,but your companion in your success,your guide in your inspiration and your assistant in the vision to soul’s purpose. Thank you so much Nikól!”

Powerful Presence

If you are an Artist, Influencer, Speaker, or Public Figure and you’re ready to make this year the year you create a greater impact with your work and expand your audience through your powerful presence, this course is for you.

When you complete this course you will have:

  • full clarity on your vision and next steps to take
  • steps on eliminating toxic relationships and habits
  • clarity on how to expand your audience and share your work through a powerful presence.
  • how to build and maintain long lasting loving relationships in your life
  • newfound confidence in your voice


This course teaches you how to reclaim your unstoppable confidence, live your fearless vision, and expand your perfect audience.


“Before I met Nikól, I was spinning my wheels. I was working hard yet gaining no traction because I didn’t know what I was selling or who I was selling to. Through working with Nikol, I found my voice, my audience and how best I can serve them. I highly recommend Nikól to help you achieve your full creative potential. Thanks you Nikól for helping me clear my limiting beliefs so I can finally be seen.”


1:1 Private Coaching

If you are ready to have a clear agenda of your desired goals, action steps, and accountability to achieve them private 1:1 coaching is for you. In our work together, we will put the ZenRed Method into action to help you create powerful change in your life.

You will:

  • Become your most powerful self and have unstoppable confidence.
  • Have a customized action plan with clear steps on how to achieve your goals.
  • Quiet your inner critic and clear your limiting beliefs.
  • Find your voice and use your story to build your career.
  • Learn how to reach out to others and speak confidently about your work.
  • Move into the next chapter of your life fulfilled creatively, spiritually, and financially.


If you are serious about creating long-lasting change


“Nikól Rogers is an game-changer, a perception-shifter, and a master manifestation coach. She allows and holds space for transformation and gently guides you to your own self-realizations to create the changes you want in your life. Nikól shines her authentic talents on your gifts to brighten your creative path. Every time I speak with her, my life changes and I live my dreams even more.”


“Nikól is awesome in her work and the guidance she has provided me throughout this process! Her spirit is uplifting and carries you throughout this coaching journey. When we first met, I was all over the place and anxiety driven with all the goals I wanted to accomplish. Nikól was able to help me design a road map…a realistic one! This allowed me to plan out all my steps and put them in the appropriate paths to accomplish my goals. Through this experience, I was able to incorporate my business, build my website, build my blog and my community of followers. The coaching relationship built my confidence to reach out to others to share the difference I was making in the world and how I wanted them to be part of it.”


“My time working with Nikól has been enlightening and perfectly-timed to say the least. I was introduced to what it means to put into practice strategies to make changes in my life. Some of which were tracking my time, connecting me with resources, and providing the encouragement to problem solve. Nikól helped me so much to gain more confidence in myself. It was a pleasure working with Nikól and she is one of the most professional people I know. It was my first time working with a life coach and from the start Nikól was very perceptive and helpful in the process. I appreciate Nikól helping me transform my life and begging the beautiful journey to self expression and service!”

“I have the great fortune to be in collaboration with coach Nikól. Her unconditional support and encouragement have come at a monumental life moment. I especially appreciate the collaborative nature of her coaching style. She is amazingly present and we work together to find value in every station and create avenues to move forward both personally and professionally. After years of therapy I find this coaching model a relief and extremely useful in creating positive life actions towards attainment of my goals.”

“I was drawn to coaching with Nikól, because I’m ready to shift the balance between teaching piano lessons as my main source of income and my own music as my supplemental source of income – and growing that income to something beyond what I can do will a full teaching studio. Since working with Nikól: I’m feeling more centered, confident, and ready to take actionable steps forward in my career, I have sustainable energy to work toward my goals. I’ve actually started and completed projects and tasks that I’ve been sitting on for a year, and I’ve gotten clearer on what I really want to do.”

“Nikól is my own personal stock investor and personal trainer rolled into one.“ I hired Nikól after I separated from a career that served as my passion and identity for over 17 years. I felt lost, unfocused, and a lack of confidence. When I met Nikól, my “rebound” job held situations that challenged my core values, and I was surrounded by as well negative people who made me feel discouraged, alone, and disconnected from myself and the passions that fuel my heart. With every coaching [call with Nikól], I started to believe I could create the life and career I wanted. Nikól is intuitive and seems to have a natural ability to guide me past the barriers I’d set up for myself. She helped me break things down when I felt overwhelmed and helped me find and generate confidence
when I was unsure or felt vulnerable. She has taught me new ways to focus when I feel scattered. I found resources hidden inside of me. I trust myself more now.”


“Nikól has helped me take steps that I never thought I would. She helped me find my voice as a writer. I learned to share myself, my story. She helped me find words where they were impossible to find all by myself, and use the words to impact others, turn the story into a blog, or even a program I designed. I really made me see how personal and business go hand in hand. Writing from the heart, it is the core of my being and the core of my business. And I now can take a stand for that. I am grateful for our work together!”

Reclaim your Confidence

Finally stand in your power and transform your life with this free video training