Nikól Rogers has increasingly become an in-demand speaker on confidence, inner harmony, and having a powerful presence.


Her energetic and inspiring talks transform the audience into a state of empowerment, getting them up on their feet, and giving each person actionable tools they apply immediately and get results in their lives.

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Powerful Presence

Do you have an overactive inner critic that keeps you stuck?  Do you secretly desire to be confident, but don’t know how?  In today’s saturated and noisy market, it takes more than great marketing and messaging to stand out from the crowd.  It takes having a “Powerful Presence.”  In this talk, I will take you through the specific steps needed to access unstoppable confidence, silence your inner critic, and stand powerfully in your uniqueness.


+ Get clear on what you offer, raise your prices with ease, and own your value.

+ Work with and silence your inner critic for good; Learn how to lead your team with confidence and captivate your audience.

+ Learn how to create a high-quality team on fire to support you and spread your message.

How to Lay Boundaries with Grace

Do you struggle with saying No?  Are you exhausted from overgiving and have no energy left for what matters most in your work and life?  While the bulk of the messaging has been to “push” and “work hard to make it,” you may find yourself hitting the same wall over and over again.  In this talk, I take you through the powerful process of saying no with ease so you can finally reclaim your life and your peace.


+ How to lay healthy boundaries and reclaim your time and energy.

+ How to rid yourself of energy vampires and toxic relationships for good.

+ How to resolve inner and outer conflict with ease and create record-fast momentum.

+ How to successfully navigate hearing “no” from someone and identify your opportunity.

The Audience Loop

Do you suffer from stage fright?  When you get in front of your audience, do you think, “What are they going to think about me?”  Do your palms sweat and your voice get lodged in your throat?  Is your heart racing and you can’t think straight?  What I’ve learned after performing for 20 years on stages across the world, is if you truly want to captivate a crowd, you need to understand what your audience actually wants.  I will give you the ultimate checklist to “wow” your audience every time and have them coming back for more.


+ How to clear the block that has been keeping you stuck in your performance.

+ How the greatest performers do it and their secret to captivating thousands.

+ How to know what your audience wants and deliver it with ease and joy.

+ How to remove your fear of rejection and stand with confidence in front of your audience.


Reclaim your Confidence

Finally stand in your power and transform your life with this free video training