Hello Amazing Being!

My name is Nikól. I’m an Empowerment Coach who teaches people how to bring an unstoppable confidence to their lives.

How I came to this work, is quite a story!

When I was a toddler, I would walk around with two things, a blanket and a bucket. If I wasn’t sitting in the bucket and holding my blanket, I would stand on top of the bucket in front of the TV with my arms up in the air, giving speeches. That bucket turned into a real stage, and I had a thriving career as a musical theater performer and choreographer, performing in National Tours, commercials, and kicking eye high as a New York City Rockette.

But I wasn’t happy.

In my career, I hit a ceiling. After years in the industry, I couldn’t achieve my biggest dream at the time, being in a Broadway show. As I progressed further in my career, I became deeply embarrassed and disappointed because it hadn’t happened yet.

I remember going in for the Broadway National Tour of the award-winning musical South Pacific.

I was feeling so confident. I worked really hard, was so excited, and thought I was going to be cast in that tour. When I wasn’t, it crushed me. It was then, I realized that something was wrong. I was beyond devastated, and thought, “I shouldn’t be feeling this hopeless over not booking a show.” Something had to change.

And then everything fell apart.

In one year’s time, I lost my marriage, my home, robbed twice, a dear friend died, and I was in two devastating car accidents. My whole life was burning to the ground.

On Black Friday of 2012, the day after my ex dropped the bomb, I heard an internal voice say, You need meditation.

Considering I was losing everything, I actually listened. I went to yoga class and came out with the sole purpose of buying a book on meditation. Intuitively pulling a book off the store shelf, every word was jumping off the page. The book was actually about Tibetan Buddhism, and I was so confused. I came here looking for meditation, not Buddhism.

So, I started seeking. I met many amazing people who brought me into their Buddhist communities I tried the Tibetan practice, Vipassana, and Nichiren Daishonen chanting amongst others. Each was lovely, but none felt quite right.

At one point I was desperate to get out of the city, and have a break from all the heartache and change. Rummaging through my bag, I came across the notes I had taken when I was at one of my new Buddhist friend’s apartment, and at the bottom I had written the name of a Zen Monastery she went to.

I immediately looked online and saw they had an Intro to Zen Training Weekend coming up in two weeks. I got the last spot.

When I arrived at the Monastery in the vast expanse of the mountains, I knew I had found my practice.

When I sat on the cushion, my whole body said YES.

I was learning the practice of embodiment, what it means to trust myself, and listen to my needs. From the voice that arose months earlier, to finding my place of refuge, my life changed at that moment.

When I attended my first ever Buddhist support group and they passed the mic around, I poured my heart out, and something magical happened..

The people there didn’t turn away. In fact, they came closer. It was then I realized I could drop the act of “having it all together” or “being perfect” and instead be myself fully. I realized I could be myself AND still be loved and accepted. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the start of Powerful Presence, my signature program and life philosophy.

I opened up unlimited possibilities for my life…

After this discovery, I hired a coach.  Through her guidance and suggestions to start writing again, she helped me reconnect to the core of who I was, which opened up unlimited possibilities for my life.

All of a sudden, I had a complete resurgence in my career where I was booking more dance and acting gigs than ever, getting noticed, enjoying the auditioning process, and feeling free.  And most importantly, I realized that who I am is my greatest power.

I wanted to teach other people how to find their confidence, and fully show up in their lives.  I hadn’t learned this in any of my classes, and it was the single thing that turned my life around and allowed me to tap into my inner power.

Over many years, I have developed the ZenRed Method, which teaches you how re-frame how you think, feel, and act from a place of power, rather than from fear or limiting beliefs.

And now, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world become whole, and cultivate inner power so that they can connect better to themselves and live in harmony with the world around them.

I hope that you find something here that inspires you to drop
YOUR act because who you are is your greatest power.
I did it and I know you can too. I’d love to show you how.


The Zen Red Method is a set of tools and strategies developed over a 25 year period based on my experience with dance, performance techniques, Non Violent Communication, Zen Buddhism, and years of coaching hundreds of people how to achieve confidence in their life. This method teaches you how to re-frame how you think, feel, and act from a place of power, rather than from fear or limiting beliefs. When you apply the method to any area of your life you will feel Unstoppable!

It’s my belief that we truly have all we need within us, so I developed ZRM as my offering to silence your inner critic and strip away your limiting beliefs so you can finally be seen, and move past barriers that have kept you stuck in the past. I know that if you apply it will transform your life.

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Short Bio:

Nikol Rogers, PCC, WPCC, is an empowerment coach, writer, and speaker who founded The ZenRed Method in 2015 to teach professional artists, speakers, entrepreneurs, and presenters how to be Fearless and embody a Powerful Presence, connect deeply with their audience, and stand out from the crowd. As a result, her clients create free of stress in their projects, and feel confident and secure in their work. Her clients have published books, sold out events and concerts, created Solo shows, spoken on large stages, and created award winning businesses that feed and nourish them.

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