You, Unstoppable.
You, Unencumbered.

You, getting it done.

Your work out in the world.
You, connected to your fans, audience, and customers.
A consistent flow of revenue and job offerings that excite you, and offer opportunities for growth in your Creativity.

You, Fulfilled.

Is this how you feel today?

Is this how you WANT to feel?

When you look around at successful Creatives, you imagine their lives so easy and flowing, you see their art selling, their calendar booked with gigs, their phone ringing off the hook, and you are probably asking,
“What do they have I don’t?”

Well, the answer is simpler than you think, and those Creatives have one simple thing:

They have resources that allow them to put their work out effectively, free of procrastination, free of doubt, and connected to their vision. They have resources that allow them to not get stopped in their track by CONFLICT.  You know that voice, the one that says:

Do this!
Don’t do this!
But what if?!
It’s not perfect!

And it exhausts you and leaves you in indecision, and frustration, and ultimately not moving forward.

But, here’s the good news, you already have these freeing Resources.  You actually have exactly what you need right now.  You are no different than those more successful than you. How amazing is that? So maybe, there has been a huge misunderstanding around how to access them.

So, let’s dive in.

A few weeks ago, I went on a weekend retreat up at Zen Mountain Monastery just outside Woodstock, NY.  I hadn’t been back to the Monastery since I first found Zen three years ago, and my teacher was leading a retreat around the third century poem “Faith Mind.”

I never expected it to be three years until I returned, and yet that was what it took.

As soon as I sat on my cushion to meditate, I was instantly reminded of sitting in the same space three years ago. I remembered tears streaming down my face in the wake of so much loss in my life, and the excruciating stab of heartbreak.

And I remembered that weekend was when I found my practice. It was when I felt like I had actually come home.

Sitting on my cushion, I was feeling a sense of perspective, and recognizing the journey I have been on since April of 2013.  I felt so broken when I walked into the Monastery doors three years ago, and now I sat up tall, acknowledging all that had transpired and all the ways I have grown.

And it wasn’t just that three years ago I was losing my home, marriage, and was completely frustrated in my performance career….it was that now I had formed a new life, found my true calling, and felt a great sense of inner peace.

I was recognizing my Resources.

The resources that allowed me to ask for help. The resources that allowed me to launch my own business.  The resources that up-leveled my performance and opened me to writing again.

This is why stepping into the Monastery doors felt like home.  I had been outside myself for so long, I had become a stranger to my own life.

My Resources were actually there all along, but had been hidden and trampled in the wake of so much self doubt and an endless stream of loud chatter in my mind.  That chatter was debilitating, and most of all, I had attached to every word, believing it was TRUE.

Do you know what was true? It was just chatter.

Prior to this recent weekend retreat, I had been feeling an immense amount of pressure in my life with deadlines and feeling pinched.  I was procrastinating on projects and waking with anxiety in the morning.

When I returned from the retreat, I simply sat down at my desk, and worked.  And the words came, the content flowed.  My life and what I needed to get done hadn’t changed, but my approach had. I had been reminded of what was within.

I had been reminded of my Resources.

So, here is the question for you.

What REMINDS you of your Resources?
How are you most Resourceful?
What do you NEED to access that place of balance that allows you to act?

When we are able to come into our most resourceful state, then your canvas fills with color, your song comes pouring out of your mouth, and your words fill the blank page. You stand on the stage and deliver, because you have recognized your inner resources are far greater than the debilitating chatter.

And your audience?

They see that, and become inspired to do the same. They tap into THEIR resources through you.  That’s how you connect and create endless opportunities.

I didn’t find Zen on my own.  I didn’t launch my business on my own.  As I sat in the Monastery surrounded by fellow practitioners last month, tears did fall, but they were coming from one very strong feeling:Zen


You, Unstoppable.
You, Unencumbered.

You are Resourceful.

So, dive in.

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