I am so honored to enter into the new year with you:)

And because I care deeply about your fearless vision for your life this year, I want to make sure you have everything you need for success.

I’m sure you have received a ton of emails about goal setting, and perhaps felt pressure and constriction in your body about moving forward. This time of year can turn into a LOT of outside noise saying you have to have everything figured out NOW.

This pressure may result in creating a long list of MANY things you want to happen in your life and career, one that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. You may even be looking back at what you WANTED to accomplish last year, and feeling disappointed. Where do you start? There’s SO much you want! Especially since there have been so many starts and stops over these last two years.

I imagine you would love some ease and to feel confident your vision CAN happen this year, no matter what surprises come.

So today, I want to teach you the missing link in any vision creation or goal setting at the start of your year, and then I will give you an example of how this works so you can apply it today.

Creating your fearless vision for the new year must include your body.

When we come to writing out what we want, it can be easy to just stay in our mind. But, what is the state of your mind? Is it reactive, anxious, or tense?  And what have you been feeding your mind? Has it been patriarchal messages that say you have to “grit through the pain” or “push through all resistance at any cost” and work yourself to the bone to be successful? Have you been scrolling through social media and feeling you will never measure up to your friends and colleagues?

If your mind is foggy and bouncing around from constant stimulation that tells you you are not enough (which is most of today’s social messaging) then your vision will be created from that place. You may write out your goals more from a place of what you think you “should” be doing to be successful, then actually connecting to what will actually bring your vision to life.

So, in order to create a fearless vision that you can actually take action steps on and look back at in December with pride, then you need to learn to drop into your body first, BEFORE you create your vision.

Here is an example from my New Year’s Eve, and a powerful practice you can use.

I am a huge fan of ritual, and with the state of our world being what it is, it was very important to me to enter into 2022 with clarity and intention. I found this amazing ritual online from BodyTalk Practitioner Heather Strang, and my husband and I set ourselves up for our own New Year’s Eve. We turned off our phones, and purposely did not turn on any TV.  We created a safe container free of outside noise and society’s shoulds.

After sageing the space, Heather led us in what she calls the Cortices Meditation, which is a tapping meditation you do to bring your head and heart into alignment and bring your nervous system down. Cortices actually balances your right and left brain.  After the meditation, we then connected with our body to see where there was any tension.  For me, it was my solar plexus, and the next step was to ask that part, “what do you want to let go of? What do you want to release?” Heather instructed to listen to that part of your body, and keep returning until it had fully shared all that needed to go.

I found myself instantly writing things, but found I kept returning to holding my solar plexus, to feeling that tight knot, that feeling of guardedness to hear all my body had to say.  Every time I could feel my head starting to say something like, “this is taking too long”, I just took a breath, and then returned to my solar plexus until it was finished.  And the most miraculous part was, now the knot was loose. The tension was gone because my body had been able to communicate what it needed.

My husband and I both shared out loud what we were releasing and then burned our papers in the sink. The flames devoured my page very quickly. Clearly there was energy behind this! Then, we tapped Cortices again and took out a new sheet of paper writing at the top, “what I now call forth into my life experience for 2022.” In Heather’s words, she instructed,

“Play, have fun with it. Don’t sit and “think” about it. If you mind gets involved with judging what you’ve written or scoffing at it, stop and tap Cortices again. This time with the intention of removing all limiting conditioning about what is possible for you [this year]”

After sharing our vision to each other, which brought me to tears, we both put our sacred paper into an envelope titled 2022 and placed it in a special place to look at in 2023. And then we ended with Cortices.

You are not a machine. You are a whole human being. A being that INCLUDES your entire body. When you can access the wholeness of who you are, then you are in your greatest power. Because otherwise, you may only be listening to what your head says, and you’ve lost that opportunity for the depth of wisdom that resides within your cells, your bones, and tissues.

As Alice Miller famously said, “the body never lies”.

So, give yourself the gift of including your body as you create your plans and vision for your fearless life this year. Drop into your body FIRST through yoga, breath work, meditation, or tapping, and THEN release what needs to go, and open to what needs to come.

There is deep wisdom within you. Unlock the key and take your action steps from there.

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