I have a super simple and easy tool for you today that will instantly lift your spirits and transform your life.

I’ve watched this tool create radical change in my clients and allow them to reclaim their confidence and take inspired action on their fearless vision.

It’s a boost of loving and encouraging energy! Ready for it?

Surround yourself with reminders of inspirational growth

I’m sure you have all heard about the power of a vision board, or using a cork board to pin images that inspire you. You may buy some magazines or print up photos from online of the relationship you want to call in, your perfect living space, or elements of your work that you want to create this year.

When I was single I had a vision board in my bedroom that had images of outdoor men, women feeling free in their body, and two meditation cushions side by side. The vision board was a daily anchor to the relationship I wanted to call in.  As a married woman, and especially last year as I was writing my book, I had photos of books, inspirational quotes about being in creative flow, and photos of family units to feed my husband and I as we started the process of applying for adoption.

I am a huge fan of vision boards, and view mine daily, however I’ve recently recognized the real alchemy needed to create transformation.

You don’t just need clear images of your vision, you need to pair it with reminders of GROWTH.

By this, I mean literally taking in evidence of something growing before your eyes. Let me give you an example.

In the past several months, I have had three separate clients buy plants.  The high stress of the global turmoil was really taking a toll, and they all realized they needed something different in their living space. They needed a plant. For every one of them, they came onto their call with me, their eyes glowing, so inspired that the plants were thriving, and commenting on how much better they felt, and all the wins they were having.


Because they had evidence of growth. They could see every day, a living, breathing plant by them. They could water and nourish it. By seeing the leaves unfurl, and watch the plant expand over time, they knew they had made that possible. The plant actually fed their confidence and allowed them to make big decisions in their life.

They were able to tap into their own courage to grow, because they had evidence that growth was possible.

Now this doesn’t have to be inside, it could also be outside. Last week, I saw daffodils popping up in our backyard and every time I look at the shoots slowly reaching skyward, I feel my heart open.  And it’s still very cold here in NJ!  Despite the temperatures, there is growth.  I look out my window and see what is possible.

I was listening to an interview with a man who has created this wonderful farm for children to come and learn. Raising his own children on the farm, he spoke about how vital it is for kids to have the visceral experience of growing something, of planting a seed and witnessing the magical transformation. The experience of watching something grow, wakes up the child’s inner courage, and teaches them early that growth is natural, and a vital part of life. It’s like a huge encouraging sign that says, “YES! You are just like the seed! You can grow too.”

I bring up the example of the children, because so much of the work around reclaiming your confidence is really a homecoming to your younger self. It requires returning to your younger innocence and what has always been natural in your heart. As adults, we can easily lose this with all the toxic noise, endless over stimulation, and stress levels at historic highs.

This is why having reminders of inspirational growth is needed now more than ever. We have to balance out an endless flow of messaging that says you are broken, and are not capable of growth. The good news is, the messaging is all a lie, but while you wake up to this, you need some support.

And that’s where the reminders are vital.

So, how can you apply this?

1) Take a moment and look around your creative space or studio.  Look around the room that you spend the most time in, working on your platform, business, or art. What is on the walls? Do you have images that inspire you? How do you feel in your body when you look at them? If you feel depleted, take them down, and replace them with images that you feel open and expansive in your body. This may mean removing photos of past relationships, or perhaps a quote that just doesn’t resonate any more. You can replace it with images of quotes, colors, places, or people that light you up.  And if you are looking around at blank walls, then take this as an invitation to put something up that inspires you. Let it be fun, an exploration! Perhaps go buy a cork board and slowly pin loving images up.

2) Once you have the images set and you feel expansive in your body, now look around your space or the window of the room and ask yourself, do you see any evidence of growth? Do you have any plants, or do you see nature out your window? If not, bring something in. This could be a small plant, alive or fake, or perhaps going to a nursery and planting something in your yard. This could also be a photo of a tree, flower, or a butterfly. Make it a daily practice to connect with this plant or image, whether in your own space or outside in your yard or a local park. Take breaks when you feel overwhelmed or stuck, and give yourself a moment of pause with the plant, taking in the texture of the leaves, or the petals of a flower. Create a ritual around connecting with your visual. If it’s helpful, you can even make some time to journal after for whatever comes up.

Who you are is your greatest power.

And who you are is a living, breathing, and growing being.  Within you is the ability to create change, and to grow. Within you lie seeds of joy, inspiration, and peace; seeds of creativity, stories, and words just waiting to be heard.

Surround yourself with the reminder of what is possible, and allow your confidence to wake up and sprout to the heavens.

Enjoy the natural alchemy of your homecoming.

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