Happy New Year!

Let’s just take a minute and seriously CELEBRATE you are here.

You made it.
You survived 2020.

And now you stand here, at the beginning of a new year, on this new day for your life.

Let that sink in, just take a breath into your body and truly feel.

Because last year was insane on every level, and yet, today, you got up, and said YES to your life.  And I know, because you are reading this.

I imagine you really want this year to COUNT.
I imagine you want this year to be VERY different than last year.

And I want that for you too.  In fact, I’m going to be really dedicated to giving you what you need, especially these first three months of the year, to make sure you have all the tools you need to make this year radically different and the year that your dreams come to life.

We are in this together.
You are not alone.

So, as you are looking at this new year, I imagine you are starting to make goals.  And because of the chaos of last year, and already experiencing some chaos THIS year, I can only imagine it’s of the utmost importance that you are making the right decisions on next steps.

So, what is your dream for this year?
What is it that if you could be at the end of the year and would have achieved, you would feel like it was a success?

What matters most and is where you want to place your beautiful focus and energy?

Is it writing a book?
Perhaps launching a crowdfund or new project?
Starting a new business?
Working on speaking or performance?
Building a team?

Whatever arises with this question, trust it.  Write it down.
Now….the big question is HOW?
What is the first step?

How do you KNOW what the right step for YOU is?
Because there is a lot of noise out there, and people saying what you “should” do.

So, how do you cut through the noise and confusion and really take advantage of this new energy of possibility?

Qi Gong saved my business.

In the summer of 2019, I started to get debilitating migraines while going through an IVF transfer.  My body had a very extreme reaction to the synthetic hormones and after the devastating disappointment of it not working, I found myself left with regular migraines, and my energy drastically reduced.

I was terrified.

With 20 active clients, I was so scared I would not be able to truly serve them.

I remember the day after I found out I was not pregnant, I sat on my bed with my palms facing the sky and just said,
“Help. I’m really struggling with where I am. I am open to receive what I need.”

And then, I checked in with my body and asked,
“Do I need to try something new?”

And the answer that came back was,

A little later that day, my mom called to see how I was doing, and before I even shared about needing to try something new, she said,
“Have you considered trying Qi Gong?”

My mom had experienced miraculous results from Tai Chi and Qi Gong that erased the need for her to have a shoulder replacement.  I had watched her own transformation, but honestly until that moment, had not thought about it for myself.

But I had asked for help, and here it was.

So, I trusted the direction and was led to Spring Forest Qi Gong and master teacher Chunyi Lin.  I started with their basics and immediately experienced some relief.  I started using Qi Gong twice a day and it allowed me to not only serve my clients, but also work on a whole new rebrand and website.

I knew I had found my practice, but I noticed I wasn’t progressing.  Usually when I find something that works, I want to learn ALL of it! I sign up for all the classes, and go through all the levels.  I love to learn and love being a student!

But with Spring Forest Qi Gong, I bought two levels, did them religiously, but found I didn’t want to keep going.

Something was missing for me, especially as I was dealing with pregnancy and then my miscarriage.  I was reaching out for help with these specific things with Spring Forest Qi Gong, but not happy with the answers.  Did they understand what I was going through?  Could they really help me?

And then in November of 2020, I got an email from the Shift Network promoting a new course called Movement as Medicine with Daisy Lee, Qi Gong for Women.  My whole body came alive when I read this.

Qi Gong for women?
I didn’t know that existed!

There was a webinar they hosted to meet Daisy Lee, and on the day I was watching it, I was experiencing hormonal fatigue and feeling really low and discouraged on my fertility journey.  Daisy took us through a simple Tibetan healing sound practice, and my fog lifted immediately.

It was a miracle!

And, as I listened to Daisy speak about her Radiant Lotus Qi Gong, I started to cry.

Everything she was saying was resonating I felt she was speaking directly to me. And I wanted to know MORE.  I wanted to know about her, about the course, and about Radiant Lotus Qi Gong.

And a voice came up inside that said,

And so, I invited my mother to take the course with me, and I have to say it was the best decision I ever made.  I am LOVING the course.  Everything feels AMAZING in my body, and all my questions about fertility and hormones, all the specific things that I need help with right now, are being answered by Daisy and her incredible team.

I feel supported, seen, and heard.

I found my teacher, and I know Radiant Lotus Qi Gong is and will be a big part of my success for my dreams this year.

I’m so glad I listened and trusted my body.  Because it knew.  I just needed to take action based on what was arising.

With so much calling for our attention, it can be easy to feel pulled in a million directions. I imagine every day you receive ads and emails from many experts who claim they KNOW exactly what you need.  Whatever problem you are dealing with, they have the answer.

There is so much choice, it can actually be counterproductive.

In your quest for reaching your dreams, you may actually be placing all your focus on what they are saying instead of how you actually FEEL in your body.

Because the truth is, only YOU know what is alive in your body.
You are the expert for what is arising.  When you feel alive, and when you feel inspired.

Your body is constantly communicating with you.

The question to ask yourself is,
Are you listening?

Do you trust your body?
What is your relationship to the signals and sensations you experience?

For most of my professional career, I did all I could to suppress my emotions and my disappointments. I thought I needed to “muscle through” or “make it work” and just suck it up, when in fact, my body had been telling me for YEARS that the way I was showing up in my career and life wasn’t working. It was only when I lost everything that I finally stopped running and decided to turn towards myself and actually listen.

Turns out my answers were within.

They weren’t in my ballet teachers, my voice teacher, my acting coach, or the casting director scowling at me after I sang.

My answers were within, which was why when my body clearly said in the face of my divorce,
You need meditation

I listened. And when I started meditating, my whole life transformed.

When we find the kind of support that will actually HELP us, our body will respond.  You may find yourself extra giddy, or energized.  Or you may find yourself crying….but you are hearing a YES.

This is paramount in choosing your support for this year.

Because there are so many people lining up to help you.
And they should!  You are a brilliant light! But trust yourself with WHO and WHAT you choose.

And the most important thing to add here is that there may be fear.  In fact, many times when we are moving towards what we want, we feel scared because the fear of success seems to carry a far greater weight than than the fear of failure.

Failure may be comfortable.
Success is unknown.

And after this last year, success may feel very far away.

But it isn’t.  It’s actually right there within you. It always has been. Your own beautiful inner guide.

So, look again at your dream for this year, and then choose with CARE who and what supports you on this path.  Choose practices that affirm your dream, and create momentum and people who lift you and you feel and see change occur. Choose who and what will help you be WITH your fear AND still take action towards what matters most.

Trust the YES.

Your body doesn’t lie.

One of my favorite long term private clients gave me the most beautiful Christmas present a few years ago, a beautiful artwork that says,
“You didn’t give me permission to be powerful.  You empowered me so that I could find it for myself.”

Go within.

I’m so excited to see you shine this year!

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