Are you feeling discouraged with how the year is beginning?

Are you feeling rocked by the extremes that seem to just KEEP coming and overwhelmed with how to move forward?

We are truly in a historical moment. Runs on the Capital in the US, white supremacists fighting for their “rights”and to keep their leader in power, and lock downs hitting all time highs.

Weren’t we supposed to leave 2020 BEHIND?

Were you hoping that things would change for the better sooner than later?

I can only imagine your heart is heavy and seeking hope. Hope things will change, because just when we think they can’t get worse, they do.

And as the beginning of the year is such a powerful and auspicious time, I wanted to reach out today to you, because I get it.  It’s been a hell of a week for me.

I’m writing to you from my bed.

Last week, after writing to you about ways to capture inspiration and tap into your body’s ability to tell you when something or someone will be able to help your dreams come to life, I went on a walk.

I was feeling really good.  I’m working on this exciting new course for you all, and was so motivated to wake up the next day and record the next module.

But when I returned from my walk, I felt really strange.  My whole body felt overwhelmed, and it didn’t feel like any of the EMF sensitivity symptoms.  I just felt OFF.

And that night I got sick.

I spent Friday with nasty stomach cramps and didn’t eat a thing, barely sipping some water. I was in a lot of pain and when I called my mom, she hit the nail on the head when she said,
I imagine you feel really lonely.

I immediately started to cry.  My husband was at work, but what I was feeling was the collective loneliness.  My quarantine had begun months before the pandemic.  I had to stay home due to migraines starting back in the summer of 2019.  I stopped seeing a lot of friends in person back then, and when the pandemic hit, then it was just extended.

And this was the first holiday season in my life that I was unable to be with my family in person.

When the ball dropped for 2021, I vowed this would be the year I HEAL.  Truly heal my mold toxicity and return vitality to my body.

Because it’s been a long haul.

So, when the stomach bug hit, I felt it, but was determined to set my attention and focus on healing.

I started feeling better over the weekend, and was feeling so encouraged, but then Sunday night I got really hungry and when I went to eat, almost passed out.

I thought perhaps it was all a part of the healing, but then it happened again on Monday night.

Tuesday, I woke up and felt incredible.  I truly thought I was over the bug and was good to go.  I recorded the next module in my course, and then around dinner had another crazy dip.  I had to literally run to the couch in the middle of dinner because I thought I was going to pass out.

My husband had ordered a blood pressure cuff and wrapped it around my left arm, and when the reading came back, it was LOW.

Really low.

And we both got scared.

And my mind started to race.

Why was this happening?
What was going on?

I had never had blood pressure issues before, and while I have passed out before with stomach bugs, I had never passed out in the recovery stage.

This was new.
And I didn’t know what was going on.

Can you relate?

I had a really rough night on Tuesday, and Wednesday spent the day feeling like I was going to pass out.  I reached out to my doctors and waited by my phone for them to call. 

And every one of them had the same answer,
You are dehydrated.

This was so surprising to me, as I had actually kept my liquids up, but it was just water, not the vital trace minerals needed.  I needed electrolytes.  Because I was deficient in those, I was having low blood pressure dips and basically a vasovagal response when I would eat.

Everything was out of balance.

Not just my actual chemistry, but my heart and mind.  When I was faced with something new I didn’t understand, I became terrified.  All I felt was the accumulation of the past two years, and felt so hopeless. 

But asking for help and leaning on my support system helped me to come back into my body and take actions that were going to be helpful.

So, my husband got me an electrolyte powder called Ultima Replenisher, and I began to sip the bright pink liquid. The box reads,
Electrolytes, pure + simple.

Yes, simple and completely missing for me.  I had forgotten how important they are to recovery.  Thank goodness my doctors reminded me.  I needed their help to recover.

And I am.  I am feeling so much better today. My blood pressure has returned to normal numbers and today a colleague stopped by the house and hugging her felt amazing.

I thought I was out of the woods earlier this week, but my body wasn’t healed.  There was still a crucial step, and vital minerals that needed to be replenished, plus some human connection.

Pure and simple.

I don’t know what your 2020 was like, but I can imagine it was deeply challenging. And it may have been challenging on several levels, from personal to professional.

You may even feel like you have trauma from 2020, and are still licking those wounds, so any new thing may feel even more intense.

There hasn’t been a break.

Which is why this time is so vital to take CARE.

And to really replenish what you need.

Take a moment and connect within.
Where is your pain?
What are you noticing has been the most difficult?
What do you feel is happening again and again that is calling for your attention?

Because there has been so much isolation and fear, we need to reach out.  We need to connect to one another.

Because the collective loneliness is running at an all time high.
Anxiety has gone through the roof.

We need to replenish.

One of the things that has given me comfort during this week has been Hu’s Crackers, which are grain free and delicious.  But what I love most is their motto,
Get Back To Human.

What is human for you?
What are those basic needs that have been neglected and dampened during these challenging times?

And we ALL need this.  We are social creatures, and thrive in community.  We thrive with support.

Our basic minerals of kindness, compassion, and shared reality. 

There is a sickness that has taken over the world, and we saw the extreme results of this with the run on the Capital.

We need each other, period.

Pure and simple.

So, be gentle with yourself as this month unfolds, because recovering from a sickness takes time, care, and knowing what actually HELPS. And the good news about becoming so aware of the sickness is that you now have the power to place your focus on healing. 

2020 showed us what doesn’t work.  And we are seeing all that karma playing out, in broad daylight.

Create boundaries on what is draining you.  I can only imagine how dehydrated you have become.

So, take a sip and ingest what nourishes you, truly and deeply.

Place your attention on what and who affirms your life and dreams for this year, and replenish your being.

Because when you are replenished, you are unstoppable.
This is where your power lies.

Get specific on what you need, and if you are unclear, ask for help.

Return to Human.
We do this together.

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