To kick off your weekend, I’m coming in with one of the biggest transformational tools I know.

What I love about this tool is that it is so simple, and accessible to everyone.

It’s available to you in this moment, and actually in every moment. This tool can completely turn things around when you are feeling super stuck, and clear toxic energy that gets in the way of your unstoppable confidence.

Guess what it is?


According to Dr. Andrew Newberg, “Yawning stimulates a part of the brain called the precuneus. Yawning supports our sense of being more self-aware and decreases anxiety. It also supports regulation of the brain’s temperature and metabolism, bringing a sense of increased cognitive awareness and relaxation.”

Increased awareness and relaxation? Decreased anxiety? Yes please!

Depending on your relationship with yawning, this may come as a surprise. Perhaps you were taught that yawning was something you only did when you are tired. Or perhaps yawning was something to cover up so you wouldn’t appear rude.

For me, yawning was all of these things above, and it wasn’t until a few years ago, that I started to see the yawn in a different light and realize its possible power.

I had a guest teacher come in to teach my clients back in 2018, and she was an energy healer specifically around money. Before we began the session, she shared with everyone that if they see her yawning, it’s just because she’s clearing, and that she found she yawned a ton when she did these sessions. I was fascinated watching her during the call.

Then the following year, I started to experience debilitating migraines and was diagnosed with mold and environmental toxicity. With this came pretty serious EMF sensitivity and I would feel like my head was literally filling up with overwhelming energy. It was like a constant buzzing and would send me into dark rooms. As I began to heal and detox, I found ways to bring the energy down from my head, and in doing so, would begin to yawn.

The yawn felt amazing. And it would literally clear my headaches. I thought of the healer from back in 2018 and realized the yawn was helping me to clear the excess energy in my head. I would go on walks at the end of my work day, after stepping away from my computer and screens, and find myself yawning and yawning.

Then this year, to continue my Qi Gong education, I started taking Robert Peng’s course called Yi Jin Jing. “Yi” means change or transformation, and one of Robert’s favorite things to teach is the yawn. In Chinese Medicine, the yawn is considered a way to detoxify the body.

And if all of this was not evidence enough of the power of the yawn, I recently went through a healing process to heal the trauma of my miscarriage in my actual internal tissues. Before I had my big release of bawling my eyes out, I yawned non-stop for about 10-15 minutes.  When it was over, I felt deep relief and healing. It literally felt like something had left my body.

Which it had.

We are inundated today with constant energy. It can feel like a fire hose. We have toxic messages, shocking events, and constant chaos. This can manifest in many forms, but it does live in your body and it’s vital for you to have tools to clear what you experience from your day, or even from a challenging moment.

When you know you are capable of transforming how you feel in any moment, this feeds your confidence.

And your body has this built in. You’ve been doing this since you were a child, before you “thought” or “knew” that a yawn was only one thing.

Turns out the yawn is a beautiful complex miracle, and a transformation just waiting to occur.

So, let’s try this together right now:)

  • Check in with how you are feeling in this moment.
  • To trigger a deep yawn, do six or seven fake yawns and eventually a real yawn will emerge.
  • Keep going, and by the tenth or twelfth yawn, you may feel some changes. You can even lift your hands above your head while you open your mouth and let your arms drop as you fully release.
  • Your eyes might water or your nose might run. This is normal and a sign your body is releasing.
  • Once done, check back in with how you feel. Do you feel relaxed, highly alert, and completely present in your body?

So simple.
So powerful.

And right there for you.

Clear the toxic energy and open to your unstoppable confidence.

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