Your audience is on the edge of their seat. They are smiling up at you and good energy is just radiating off of them like a summer sun.

They are having a blast, and you can feel they are WITH you. There is an alertness and brightness in their eyes, perhaps even tears from how much you have moved them.

And the best part of all? You feel SO grounded and confident!  You are actually having a good time too! You smile in the moment, because this is what you have always wanted. To actually enjoy being in front of your audience.

Breathe this in.
FEEL it in your body.
The relaxation and relief of knowing all is well.

Today I want to talk about how this can be YOU.

I want to point you towards the actual steps you can take to creating an impact with your audience, and authentically feel good in your body while doing it.

Because I can only imagine you have experienced the exact opposite of what I described above. Perhaps you have experienced audience members falling asleep, or scrolling on their phones. Perhaps you have seen an audience member with their arms crossed in defiance across their body, or having a conversation with the person next to them.

I know I have!  Every one of them.  In my 20 year career on stages around the world, I felt like I just about saw it all, including one father and son actually holding up binoculars when I was kicking eye high as a Rockette.

Being in front of your audience can be an insane whirlwind, not just for what you actually witness, but what you are feeling.  There may be nerves, an overactive inner critic playing like a loop in your head, cold sweats, numbness, and dry mouth.

I experienced all of these too. My body would go into high alert, for years. Until it didn’t. The reason? I had gone through a transformation. I had taken specific steps to radically change my inner experience in front of my audience and found it actually CHANGED the outer experience of their engagement.

And this wasn’t taught in any of my classes, or by any of the professionals in my industry, so I knew it was imperative for me to share them with you.

* Tap into your natural gifts through the Passion Matrix
* Drop into your body
* Learn to speak authentically
* Find your message
* Bring your power into your performance or presentation

And for each of these steps, there are actual processes and practices to bring them alive. I outline all these and much more on The Biz Essentials podcast, where I was honored to be a guest with the delightful Veronika Childs of Veronika Ventures.

The conversation was very alive, and Veronika shared how mesmerized she felt and also how relaxed at incorporating these techniques. And Veronika is a force unto herself. Having overcome severe childhood trauma and losing over a hundred pounds, she has dedicated her life and mission to help others know it is safe to BE as they are. I was so inspired by her journey!

Listen HERE to join in the magic.

Listen to the podcast for the steps to creating an impact with your audience and authentically feel good in your body.

It all begins within. Powerful Presence is inner work that directly changes your outer world.

Powerful Presence is actually a reclamation of your greatest power, because when you reclaim the truth of who you are, you are unstoppable and your audience listens.

Because when they listen, then the real magic begins.

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