There are magical signs all around you.

There are actually sacred symbols guiding you, pointing you towards what you will need for your future.

While you may wish you had a crystal ball and could know exactly WHAT is going to happen next, or WHEN, these sacred symbols don’t answer either of the first two, but they do answer the HOW.

They answer HOW you meet your challenges, and where to place your focus and attention.

But so often, we are blind to these symbols and then find ourselves in heartbreak, disappointment, or fear feeling we have lost our confidence. In those moments we doubt our ability to face life with an open heart.

Today, I want to help open your eyes so you can start to see what is already there for you, and offer some simple ways to look for these signs and create a ritual to see them daily.

You may think of these sacred symbols as winks from the Universe, a greater power, or the interdependence of all things. As your spiritual beliefs are deeply personal, please connect with this in the way that feels sacred for you.

To begin, I would love to share an example of a very profound set of symbols that have led me over the last 8 years.

When I made the transition from being a performer to a coach in 2015, there was a lot of fear that arose around actually being able to make a living and growing my own business. I had never done this before, and was a complete student. I was also single for the first time in my life and no longer had the luxury of a double income household. The buck stopped with me, so I put everything I had into learning how to create a profitable business from scratch.

As I was building and working with a coach, I discovered Satya Jewelry. Being a devout yogi, I loved the spiritual inspiration for all of their pieces, and treated myself to a necklace in 2016 that was supposed to help bring in abundance. I wore it religiously every day, and watched my business grow, making the most money I had ever received.

When I met my life partner, one of the many things I shared was my love of this jewelry brand, especially as he was a yogi too. A few months into our dating in 2017, he gave me a Satya necklace for my birthday. This necklace showed cherry blossoms and signified growth and new beginnings. We spent the next year deepening our love, and I moved out of the city and down to New Jersey, jumping with glee when he proposed.

In 2018 for my birthday, as we approached our wedding, he gave me a necklace that had a sitting yogi on it and a soft pink stone. There was great contentment in this necklace and was very feminine. It truly reflected the peace I was feeling inside at finally finding my life partner. Within that next year, we were married, and enjoyed meditating daily together.

Following the tradition, in 2019, as we had just learned that four of my eggs had been fertilized, I opened a necklace that had the Hindu deity Ganesha on it. It took me aback. I was a week away from the IVF transfer and saw the “remover of obstacles” and felt a tightness in my stomach. I was hoping for a different message, but placed the necklace around my neck and took in the lesson. And then a few weeks later, we got the call the transfer didn’t work, I wasn’t pregnant, and the other three fertilized eggs never made it to the stage where they would be usable. I was devastated, and Ganesha loomed around my neck. I made the decision I didn’t want to do anything synthetic, especially since I had such a terrible reaction to the drugs. I wanted to get pregnant naturally.

On my birthday in 2020, I couldn’t stop smiling. Against all odds, after several health issues and a move in the middle of the pandemic, I was pregnant. My husband presented me with a necklace of a woman holding a baby, and in Sanskrit was the message “every mother counts.” This struck me as a little bit odd. Was this pointing to different kinds of mothers? If I was naturally pregnant, what did this have to do with me? And then two weeks later, I began to bleed, and had a miscarriage. My heart broke wide open. And after several more months of trying, we made the decision to begin the process of adoption.

2021 came and went. We were both still grieving from the miscarriage, and slowly got all of our paperwork together after my birthday to be considered as adoptive parents. I wondered if my husband would give me another necklace. We were both now very aware of their soothsaying properties. Something alchemical was happening. What would be the next sign?

My birthday came and went with no necklace this year, and then last weekend, on our anniversary, my husband gave me a bright pink bag, and I pulled out the familiar white box. This was the largest and longest necklace of all of them. The symbol? A tree of life, offering the teaching of grounding and faith.

We both took it in. The adoption journey has proven to be very chaotic, and we have hit many bumps in the road that have tested our hearts and left us tender and weeping. And as I put the necklace around my neck, I now knew this was the message I needed for the future.

Grounding and faith. A sacred symbol, with my husband as the conduit. Whatever lies ahead of us as we create our family, this is the lesson, this is the reminder we need.

Laying the necklaces out, I see the journey, all told in sacred symbols. It’s breathtaking really.  And it’s important to point out these symbols covered the wide range of experiences, from great joy and contentment, to deep sorrow and pain.

And for each one, there was the lesson. The HOW.

Even though I felt so alone, I was actually being given what I needed.

So, I want to offer some simple ways you can start to take in the symbols around you.

The first step is to ASK. Let it be known you are seeking guidance.

Open yourself to RECEIVE. If you are closed off energetically, or in a place of disbelief, none of this will matter.  A simple way to open is to literally ask for help.  This could look like lighting a candle or burning incense and placing your palms up in your lap, and making a request out loud for help from whoever, or whatever you see as a higher power. You can also make an intention before you go to sleep to receive messages and symbols in your dreams. Be sure to have a dream journal by your bed if you do this, so you can easily write down what you remember as soon as you wake. When you ask, place your attention on your breath, and imagine your body opening. Imagine your body expanding gently.

The second step is to LISTEN.

Start to pay attention to what people are saying to you. Is there a pattern? After my IVF, I was completely distraught as I now had chronic migraines from the medication. How was I going to heal my body and get pregnant naturally? So, I asked for help, and my mother mentioned Qi Gong. I had never tried it before, but it ended up being the magic tool to heal my hormones and balance my body. I listened when she offered it, because I knew the message could come in any way. And your message could come from a stranger, or the lyrics of a song, or a TV show.  Open your ears.

The third step is to LOOK.

After asking for help, what do you see?  One of my favorite teachers is Robert Moss, a dream shaman who taught us all to do what he called “sidewalk tarot.” The process was exactly the same.  Let it be known you are seeking guidance, and then use your eyes for what is placed in front of you. What are the words, the books, the images that are coming? For me, this was the gifts I was being given by the most important person in my life. The necklaces were powerful symbols. Open your eyes.

The last step is to CONNECT.

There is great wisdom within your being. You are actually a magical conduit of energy, and your heart is at the center. Your heart actually has a frequency field that has been measured as large as 15 feet.  Countless spiritual traditions have seen the heart as the main hub of knowledge and power.  How you can access this is to create some daily ritual that allows you to connect and benefit from what your heart has to offer. Pulling  a card is a great way to do this. Simply pick a deck that feels sacred to you, whether that is Tarot, Oracle, or Louise Hay (my favorite!). Hold the deck to your heart with eyes closed and allow the energy of your heart to permeate the cards, and then shuffle them and pick.  Because the cards are actually a translation of your greatest wisdom, they can be sacred guides in your day to day life.  I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled a Louise Hay card and haven’t know why, and then hours later, find myself in a sticky situation and the card’s message is exactly what I need. Open your heart.

Magical signs are all around you.

You are not alone.

Open your ears, eyes, and heart and allow yourself to receive sacred guidance.

What if you actually possess all you need?

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