Today I want to offer some loving and helpful ways to enter back into the world.

The world is opening up, literally. Several countries opened their borders for the first time since March of 2020.

I’m seeing colleagues sharing photos on airplanes, happily giving a thumbs up as they fly to new job opportunities, and receiving emails about in person retreats opening back up for the new year.

And yet in the midst of this opening, there is deep turmoil and division is at an all time high. We are not out of the woods, yet I imagine you are experiencing some hope AND caution.

If your Fearless Vision was put on hold due to all the shutdowns, then you may be experiencing a undercurrent of anxiety and feeling guarded, with a basic question of, “is it OK for me to really go for what I want?”

Because “normal life” has undergone so many drastic changes, I want to offer a key teaching point today to help you with HOW to re-enter into the world in a way that feels safe for you, and then offer a few suggestions for discovering your magic path. But first, take this in:

You are not the person you were before.

If you’ve been trying to use old strategies and finding they are not working, it’s so important to first acknowledge the internal changes that have happened because of these past 20 months. For instance, if you used to find that running in the morning was amazing for you, but now it burns your lungs or you just stare listlessly at your running shoes in the closet. Or maybe you used to enjoy a cup of tea first thing upon waking and now find you can’t stomach it or get a headache.

And perhaps in your work, at the beginning of 2020 you were completely fired up about writing your book, but now stare at the blinking cursor with nothing coming forward.

In essence, things that worked before are not working now. You WANT to enter back into the world, and you want to feel energized and inspired, but feel lost with HOW.

This is why it’s so important to acknowledge you have CHANGED.

Change is constant. You are not a static being. Your cells are changing as you read this line, and processes are happening at light speed within your body. And your body changes in reaction to your environment and especially to stress, which we have all experienced at an alarming rate during this time. It’s been an onslaught, and your being has had to adapt, protect, and in some cases, retreat to continue.

And the truth is, you change regardless. In fact, even if the past 20 months had not happened, this would still be pertinent. It would still be applicable, because change is constant. This is the reality of our life and world. You can even think back to what your dreams were as a child, or perhaps the day you declared you were going to be a lawyer, and then found yourself in college for acting. Or vice versa!

Your power lies in acknowledging you have changed, because then you can view where you are NOW and what will be most helpful, as opposed to staying stuck in the past and beating yourself up because what worked before is not working now.

Let me give a personal example. I have always loved vinyasa yoga which tends to move quickly and very much like dancing, more about the flow.  But with my current detoxifying from mold and environmental toxins, I find fast movements can overwhelm my body, and have actually really enjoyed Hatha yoga, which is far slower.  Before I went through this journey with mold, I HATED Hatha! I took one class and said I would never do it again. Why? Because it didn’t work for me then, but now it does.  And I’m so grateful for it, because I feel really wonderful after doing it, whereas the vinyasa doesn’t feel good.

Another example is that with all the stress, I found myself needing to spend way more time outside. I actually made it a priority to walk more in my neighborhood, go birding, and explore local parks during the last 20 months. This was not a priority for me before, but I found myself so hungry for it and it’s been a lifesaver for my sanity and mental well being.  I have changed. I am not the person I was before.

Neither are you. And that frees us both. It frees us to DISCOVER. It puts us back in a place of agency and choice instead of feeling stuck in the past. Because the past is over, and you are not headed that way, You are moving forward.

This frees you to unplug from what other people are doing and instead place your attention on the magnificent being you are today and what you need NOW. Not two years ago, because that doesn’t apply anymore, but what you and your body need NOW.

So, take a breath and first thank those parts of you that have been working so hard. Let them know you appreciate them letting you know things are not working and you want to now discover what will work moving forward. Thank the part that said, “I don’t want to run!” Or went for some eggs instead of the morning tea. You can place a hand on your heart or belly and just say, “thank you body.”

Now, let’s play:)

What could be ONE new thing you try? What could be a fun game you try out this week to see how you feel and if it helps?

This may be going for a walk, or taking a nap in the middle of your day to reset. It could be switching to a different type of nourishment in the morning, or trying a new type of movement practice. It could be connecting with a friend, or even going to a support group or getting into therapy.

And the way you will know it’s working is how you FEEL. You will feel energized, rejuvenated, and refreshed AFTER. You will feel open, safe, and inspired to take action.

And it may surprise you what you discover!  Trust me, I never thought I would be an avid Qi Gong practitioner, but I do it every day now and love it! Years ago I didn’t even know what this miraculous practice was. And that’s the woman I was THEN. She needed other things.

When you fully accept you change, it actually opens up way more possibility, and the beautiful truth that you CAN transform. You CAN enter back into the world, even with all the uncertainty.

You CAN go for your Fearless Vision. You just need a different type of fuel now to support the growth you are making TODAY.

It’s when you discover what is working now that you have tapped into your power.

So enter in. Enter in with glorious acceptance and curiosity.

Enter in with one simple step. One that creates a loving ripple of nourishment to your whole being.

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