Today I want to talk about how you can access your power.

And by power, I mean your internal fire.
Your internal battery.
The electric current that runs through you and fuels your vision, your passion, and your voice.

If you’ve been feeling run down, burnt out, or low on gas lately, let me begin by first saying, you are NOT alone. In fact, this has been a common feeling I’ve heard a lot from my mentors and teachers, and for a myriad of good reasons.

Let’s be real, the world is exhausting right now, deeply polarized, and constantly asking you to choose a side, and take in an enormous amount of toxic messaging.

And in the face of so much toxicity, your energy can drain.

Now, while we can easily account for all the things outside of us that are breaking down our energy, I want to put the power back in your hands around what you can do internally to recharge and feel refreshed, inspired, and experience a sense of ease again.

To access your power, release self blame.

To see if you are blaming yourself right now, take in this Louise Hay Power Thought Card:

The back of the card says,
I release the need to blame anyone, including myself. We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have.

When you read this, what comes up in your body?
Is there a sting of truth?
A tightening or sensation that is arising?

The card shows a cat who is running away from a vase knocked over.

Typically then we would say, “it’s the CAT’S fault!”

But, what happens if you are the cat? What if you knocked up against the vase and didn’t mean to? Are you yelling at yourself, “It’s MY fault!”

Here’s the thing about blame. It’s a very strong directional energy, and cuts off all other possibility. Blame is like blinders put on a horse. The horse can only see what is in front of it, and nothing else.  In this case above, the vase knocked over, and how that makes you feel.

So blame is there to create a sense of certainty and explanation when something we don’t like is happening.

And most of all, blame becomes a cover up for what we are really feeling, which is a strong emotion we don’t think we can handle.  This may be anger, hostility, fear, shock, or devastation.

Blame becomes the container that is actually distracting us and also disassociating us from what is actually alive within. It’s a protective measure.

But in the end, it doesn’t actually increase your energy or reconnect you with your power. Blame only depletes you.

Why? Because blame goes hand in hand with punishment. And punishment only feeds the belief you are not good enough at your core.

Blame is a spiral. You think it’s going to help, but actually just reinforces you are not capable.

This can be a tricky one, especially if you were raised with punishment in your household. Whether you were spanked, given “time outs” or had time with friends taken away, it can be completely normal to then turn this same behavior onto yourself. This is what you were taught.

Except the beautiful piece is, anything can be unlearned from your consciousness. Change is constant. That includes and applies to any pattern you currently have.

The key is to go within and work with the body.

It’s in the body you release blame.

So, let’s go through a simple process together to access your power.

  • Look again at the card above. What is a situation you are blaming yourself for right now? Where are you beating yourself up about?  Is this around working on your writing, a new launch that’s taking longer than you want, finding your life partner, or just feeling uninspired?
  • Close your eyes and take three deep breaths into your belly. Allow yourself to drop down.
  • Bring this situation to mind and notice where you feel it in your body.
  • Bring all of your focus to that part, whether it is in your shoulder, stomach, back, or belly. Allow the sensation to fully expand. Does it have a color? What is the shape? Has it become a person or animal?
  • With absolute care, ask this shape/color/thing, what do you need?
  • Ask, what are you here for?
  • Thank this part of you and let them know you want to include them moving forward, and would love to work together to create more energy. Say to them, I see you and hear you.
  • Once you have completed your conversation, gently place your attention back on your breathing.
  • Wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch your body, and gently open your eyes.
  • Grab your journal and write down what you heard and saw.

You power always lies in connecting with what is actually happening in your body.

Blame is like a big dam that blocks the vital energy flow that allows you to problem solve, heal, and ultimately take new steps forward.

So, when you can actually learn WHY the blame is arising and what it needs, then you can take action.

What did your “blame sensation” say it needed?

Spend some loving time coming up with 3-5 ways you can meet that need or needs.

Because your needs are life energy, so when they are met, then your energy is flowing, creating rejuvenation.

Be gentle with yourself.  This process may be tender, and could bring up tears, heat, or chills within you.  It could also bring up absolute silence. This is all normal.

Wherever you are today, I want to celebrate you for facing your blame and turning a challenging pattern into an opportunity. This work takes immense courage.

So, allow yourself to be the cat who has knocked over the vase, and let the wisdom of your body and the humanity of your curiosity and inquiry open you to what you actually need.

Let your self blame be a doorway to your power.

And feel your fire burn bright again.

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