Today I have some spooky teaching for you that will transform your life.

And our guest teacher is a skeleton.

However, they are no ordinary skeleton.

Indeed, there is something very different about them.

They practice yoga.

When I first met them, they were on a shelf in Michael’s, an American store that specializes in crafts and decor. I laughed out loud seeing this figurine in a common yoga pose, holding their foot within their elbow and making a prayer position.

Having practiced yoga for over 13 years, I smiled for all the times I had sat in this pose.

And I loved the intersection of Halloween and spiritual movement. So the skeleton came home with me.

I placed them right by my computer for the Halloween season, and a few days later, I accidentally dropped it and the head came off.

Holding the two pieces in my hand, I wondered if I should try and glue the head back on, and then a better inspiration came.

The skeleton stayed in its same place, with its head now at its feet. And when Halloween was over, they were lovingly packed away with the other holiday decorations.

And the following year, I started to experience daily headaches and chronic pain from environmental toxins and EMFs.

In the midst of a migraine, I wanted to rip my head off and throw it out the window.

Halloween came and for the first time in years, I was not able to dress up and go to a party like I had loved to do in the past.  But I did decide to decorate the home, and there in a paper towel, was the skeleton.

I placed their head at their feet, right by my computer, which was a main source of my pain.  The electronic screens were a constant trigger for my hypersensitivity.

And questions arose,
“What if I could place my head, my thinking mind, at my feet?”
“What if I didn’t lead with my head for this healing journey and trusted something else instead?

Looking at the skeleton, I saw their heart was now above their head.

And a new question arose,
“What if during this time of challenge, I lead with my heart?”

So, I placed all my attention on cultivating practices that connected me to my heart.
To love.
To love of life.

I practiced placing my thinking mind that raced with thoughts like, “you will never get better! This will never change!” at my feet, sitting in meditation and allowing the grounding energy of the earth and my lower chakras to fuse with the anxiety and fear.

And the migraines released.

Most of all, I found I could reclaim my days and dissipate my headache due to these new practices.

Each year, I took the skeleton out and placed them by my computer as a reminder and each year, my pain was less and less.

So this year, I knew I had to share this bundle of bones with you, as I’m doing the best I’ve been in three years.

One of my favorite and most magical teachers, Carolyn Elliott says,
“Our heart chakra, the organizing organ of our intuition and synchronicity, is usually not “plugged in” to energy from either our upper chakras or from our lower chakras. It’s most often just hanging out there at the center of our beings, vastly under-utilized.

The human heart can birth and shape whole worlds, but usually we have it just sitting there in our chests doing nothing much, like a broken kitchen appliance that’s forgotten on a shelf in the pantry, gathering dust.

This means that our hearts are usually vague, self-pitying, sentimental, and massively ineffective. Due to the disconnect that we’re suffering from, we may only experience hits of intuition and synchronicity at “peak moments” of our lives when we somehow accidentally manage to route energy from the upper or lower chakras into our hearts.”

Global Qi Gong teacher Master Chunyi Lin gave a whole talk a few years ago about the challenges he was facing as a healer.  He would see time and again, people who had spent all this energy on their kidneys, which has always been the main life source in Chinese Medicine, and yet succumbed to an illness. He would see people die who had healthy kidneys, and was confused. Until he realized, what they all had in common. Their hearts had been weak.  So, he changed his teaching and healing to lift the heart and place much more attention there.  And his students thrived.

We have a society that has been founded on the “power of the mind”. Yet, when we are overwhelmed with racing thoughts we identify with and believe are true, anxious visions, and chronic tension in our heads, we suffer.  And our suffering then ripples out to others creating an enormous amount of damage.

What if placing all our focus on our “heads” has just been toxic messaging?

They’ve measured the frequencies of the head and heart. The heart has been measured at 15 feet from the body, and that’s only because the man-made instruments could only go that far. The head?  Only ONE foot.

It’s actually our human nature to lead with the heart.

It’s the union of above and below.  The point of sacred convergence and the point of your greatest power.

So, whether you are celebrating Halloween or not, I place the skeleton in front of you.

This wise sage teacher, smiling as their toes grace their cheek.

Cultivate the wisdom of your heart, and watch your life transform.

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