Have you felt frustrated by the same block that keeps showing up time and again?

Do you feel like you have done everything you CAN to clear it and yet you find yourself over and over in the same place?

Dealing with procrastination
Dealing with overwhelm
Dealing with not having enough hours in the day
Dealing with rejection to your work

I imagine that can be really painful!

Here you are, doing everything RIGHT, doing everything you think you should be doing and you are SO clear on what you want.

You have your vision.
You want to step into your power and CLAIM it as an Artist.

And yet, you find yourself hitting up against the same wall again and again, no matter WHAT you try!

It just doesn’t seem fair, and I imagine has deeply impacted your confidence.

I get it.  I can remember getting up each morning I had an audition, and would go through a whole routine.  I would shower, warm up my voice, do 15 minutes of yoga, do my hair and makeup and walk out of my apartment with my bag fully loaded with all my dance shoes and my audition book of songs. I was prepared!  I had it all together!

And then, I would get cut from the audition and just feel so discouraged.  And the voice that played over and over in my head was,
WHAT am I doing wrong?

It was maddening.  Can you relate?

So, how do we clear these blocks that come up again and again?
How do we turn our results around?


I haven’t been well, and I’ve been wanting to share this with you.

I’ve been dealing with migraine headaches for about 7 months, and on quite a healing journey with tons of tests to get to the bottom of what is actually occurring in my body.  Thankfully, I am now in recovery, but during this time, I became deeply sensitive to environments, loud noises, and bright lights.

It’s been intense.

Part of the sensitivity happened in my very home, in my office.

I moved down to NJ after living in NYC for almost 20 years.  The move was overwhelming in many regards, and a big wake up call to how much I love and resonate with the city.  However, after living in a 300 sq ft apartment for five years, it was a dream to come into a home with space.  It was a dream to have my own office, a full room.

And I loved this room.  I created a truly inspirational space to do my work, to help my clients, and to write you each week.  I put up art that spoke to me, and a full “wisdom wall” I could look at every day.  I even put a stain glass hanging in the window of an owl, as I LOVE owls.  Each piece of the room was carefully considered.

And the room brought great fortune.  My business grew 40% in that room.  I witnessed my clients have breakthrough after breakthrough. It was a safe space.

Until one day, it wasn’t.

I started to notice temple pressure coming on while I was in there.  When I would leave the room, it would clear.  Then it started to get more and more intense.  So intense, I found I couldn’t be in the room at all.  We had our home tested for mold, and found it was in the basement and also tested positive in my office.  I was so relieved when the inspector came into the office and said,
Oh, I feel it!

We had the home remediated, and my office was cleaned down to the very particle. The air ducts were cleaned.

When they took down the plastic, I walked into the office so excited to return to this space and immediately FELT it.  The block.

I was devastated.  What would I do next?

So, I tried to do a clearing in the office.  I brought in Paulo Santo wood.  I spoke with any spirits that may be there.  I cleared with sage.

Still the block was there.

I decided to move most of my office downstairs and also sat outside as much as possible in the summer months.  Being outside with the birds really helped my spirits as the migraines were getting more and more intense and more regular.

In the Fall, I reached out to my Feng Shui guide and we even tried several of his recommendations.

Still the block was there.

I was starting to believe I would never be able to return. I was feeling crazy.  I had tried so many different things, and nothing was changing.

And then my mother came to visit for Christmas.  My mother is definitely magical.  She has the ability to come into a room and see a flow for the furniture and organization.  She knew what I had been going through with the room, and decided to take matters into her hands.

Sitting with a glass of wine, she placed herself in the middle of the room for several minutes.  Then she turned to me and said,
There’s a block in here.

This part I knew.  But then she said,
And I think I know how to clear it.

At this point, I had nothing to lose, and gave my mother full reign to move everything around as she needed. The next day she and our nanny took the room apart, and the first thing she did was remove the owl stained glass, and open the window.

She tried several arrangements, and I looked in from the doorway and offered some guidance.

Once it was complete, I waited until everyone was downstairs to test it.  I walked in apprehensive.
Would my head start to hurt?

And something magical happened…….I FELT it.  The block was gone.


I could be in my office again.

I started to weep, not just for this celebration but the immense amount of hope I was feeling.  I wasn’t sure if this block would EVER clear, and yet here I was standing in my office pain-free for the first time in months.

My mother came in and I hugged her deep in gratitude, and she said,
You have flow in here now.  Make sure you keep the window open.  Allow the air to move from the window to the door.


So, what is the block you have been experiencing over and over?
What have you tried in order to clear it?

Sometimes, the answer can be right in front of us, but we don’t see it.

This is where asking for help is so important.

The owl was staring at me from the window, offering his wisdom. My office is not a large room, and gets a lot of sunlight.  The room gets really hot very quickly.  It needed air, which is probably why the mold was there in the first place.

But because I was in so much pain and frustrated, I wasn’t able to put this together.

I could FEEL the block.
I could FEEL something was off, I just didn’t know how to clear it.

This was why I asked for help.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and usually when you feel deeply frustrated, you are too close TO it.  Pain can deeply block your ability to not only think, but problem solve.

And if you’ve been feeling this block for a long time IN your body, I imagine it’s created a lot of pain.  And you have probably been thinking,
It will never change.

Here is where the shift occurs,
Change is constant.

Write this down.  Put it somewhere you can see it EVERY day.

The fact you FEEL the block is HUGE.  You can’t change what you don’t have awareness around.  So, having a connection to the block is the first step.

Next, come back to the mantra,
Change is constant

And ask for help.

I really want to take a moment and say to you, you are not crazy.

These blocks you are feeling?  They are REAL.  They are real to you. Trust that, trust what you are feeling and KNOW it can change.

My tears of gratitude were also tears of relief, because I had started to spiral into giving up.

And I know you are here because you want more.

You want this year to be different.

That is your intention and it’s your INTENTION that drives the change.

What if this is the year you clear your blocks?
What is the perfect person to help you is right in front of you?

As my mother said,
Keep your window open and allow for the air to move from the window to the door.

Now, I stand at my desk IN the flow of the room.  Before I had my back to the door and the window blocked.

And as I type this, I feel the wind against my side. My head is clear.  I am so grateful.

Open your window, and allow the air to flow.  Allow help to come, so you can create the change you want and walk through the door to your greatness.

We are stronger together.

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