Change comes down to two things.

That’s all you need.

And I’m talking all kinds of change from something small to radical transformation.

The kind of change that moves your life forward, gets you out of your rut, and brings your Creative Dreams into fruition.

I was listening to a great interview by my dear friend Bex Burton with relationship expert Barry Paul Price and he simplified change down to two main ingredients.

Willingness and Time.

Willingness. This is purely your ability to say “yes”, your ability to move forward and make a different choice, your ability to receive help and whatever actions follow.

Regardless of what arises, you are willing. Willing to do what it takes.

So how does time play into this?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin.

The safety of who you have been, how your Creativity has shown up in your life to this moment is way more painful than the unknown of the future. You can’t stay where you are or how you are any more.

You recognize it’s not working, and you are ready for risk. It’s time.

This went through me viscerally as I listened to the interview, remembering the feel of my fingers digging into my therapist’s couch in the face of my divorce and my words coming out so clear,

I want to survive.

I was willing and it was time. My life was falling apart around me, and I literally couldn’t stay where I was. Whatever it was going to take, I wanted to survive. I wanted more for my life.

I was walking into a future where I was questioning if I was still a performer, if I could be a wife again, if I would one day be a mother. I wasn’t sure what my career was going to be, or how I was going to make rent.

Life became a huge question mark. But I knew I couldn’t continue living unaware and asleep.

I couldn’t keep living in isolation, and distracting myself. I had so many patterns within my life that I believed were keeping me safe.

Throwing my anger
Self sabotage
Constant noise

I remember the heat of embarrassment raising to my cheeks as I was cut AGAIN from a big audition. The show was perfect for me, and yet I was gathering my dance shoes, fumbling with my music book, trying to mask my disappointment, and the hot tears running down my cheeks.

My answer? Blast some music, complain, beat myself up, and move on.

I held on to this for as long as I could. And then the pain of staying that way was far worse than trying something new.

Asking for help
Loving self care

I was beyond willing and it was time.

And I had NO idea that stepping into a cycle of change would lead me to owning my own company, and inspiring others.

I had no idea it would lead me to actually integrating all of my gifts and becoming the Choreographer I had always dreamed of, reaching an audience I cared so deeply about.

I had no idea it would lead me to you.

I’ve heard so many creatives say to me, “it’s not the time.” They have an amazing opportunity in front of them, but it requires an investment, a risk, a new way of thinking. So they say, “not now”.

Not = Willing
Now = Time

Where are you doing this?

Are you seeking change in your Creative Life?

At what point will the pain of staying where you are propel you forward?

I would never wish the level of crisis I experienced on any of you as the reason for change. The truth is, time is not a renewable resource, and we create our future with every action we take. But I do wish the benefits of embracing your fully integrated potential as an Artist and Creative force. And if you have been reading this and feeling the pull of wanting change, then here’s the last thought that gets to the heart of the matter.

All we have is now. All we have is the present moment. The past is done and we have no idea what the future brings.

What we do know is if we are seeking a change.  And that decision happens now.

So, the real question to ask yourself is,
What do you need to become willing?

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