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We anticipate a full house and want you to have the best seat possible, one where you can see and ask your questions! Bookmark this page and enter the date and time into your calendar now, so you can join this free training easily and joyfully. This is the fun part!

Video Training Time:


Video #1 will arrive in your inbox 6 am ET
Monday January 20

Video #2 will arrive in your inbox 6 am ET
Wednesday January 22

Video #3 will arrive in your inbox 6 am ET
Friday January 24th

Video Training will run Live until Midnight Sunday January 26th ET.

Be sure to catch these all!

What can I do until then?

Take a moment and think of your #1 burning question around your Confidence as an Artist. Where do you feel MOST stuck? Clarity really helps going INTO this process. Set an intention for what you WANT. This is your moment to finally get the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Make sure you have a journal or some way to take notes. I will be giving you steps you can put into action right away on each of the trainings. This isn’t just talk, it’s actual process and change and I’m so excited to share this life-changing blueprint with you.

Looking for community as you are learning how to move the crowd? Come join the Empowered Confidence Studio, a global community of powerful creators, where I offer daily tips and inspiration on how to be unstoppable. You are not alone! We are stronger together. Find your community and join the real party HERE.

Can’t wait to see you there! I can’t wait to teach you how to have More Money, More Fans, and More Momentum in 2020! This is YOUR year!