I’m Nikól Rogers and I am an Empowerment Coach who teaches people how to bring an unstoppable confidence to their lives which creates a powerful presence. Using my signature ZenRed Method, you learn to re-frame how you think, feel, and act from a place of power, rather than from fear or limiting beliefs.

“Nikol’s talk stood out as something special. It was bold, authentic, completely exposed. The experience was one I will long remember, not least of which for the passion Nikol put into her work. Watching & listening to Nikol’s story delivered hope. Nikol’s is a universal story & it’s what she did, the action to get out of the hole she found yourself in that, for me, was the “Ah, ha!”.

Mark Lynch

“Listening to Nikol speak is nothing short of captivating. She has an energy that is not only contagious, but powerful. She has the ability to make an entire room come alive.”

Meredith Caruso

“[ We’ve had Nikol speak three times.] She is a gifted speaker, bringing an inherent empathy and passion that enables her to connect with her audience in a genuine way. Her talks both uplifted the group and resulted in a vigorous discussion of the subject matter each time, a very important achievement in a Healing Circle format. She also modeled, what is possible when one is open to the power and truth of connecting to one’s heart.”

Jeff Rubin

Expectation Hangover

“Is this it?” my father said.

My heart sank. I’m at Machu Picchu. This is the moment I have been waiting for, one of the places on my bucket list.

My father’s words ringing in my ears, I wanted to quickly distance myself from his energy, and immediately get out my phone to start taking pictures.