Center Stage Training


If you are sick of being on the sidelines in your career & creative business, and ready to step into the Spotlight with your work, then this is for you!  
We are solving the mystery around HOW to be In Demand, and unleashing the Industry Secrets to optimize your success and connect you with a roaring crowd.   A crowd that STAYS.  When you listen in,

You’ll discover:

  • How to build a hungry and raving audience
  • How to create a system of productivity so your work is actually seen
  • How to perform at your fullest potential
  • How to release the hustle and deliver with ease
  • How to go from scattered and broke, to focused and financially sound

Tuning into this training could be the difference between you struggling for the rest of your career or thriving.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to Claim the Spotlight, Release the exhausting Hustle, and actually Earn What You’re Worth! Imagine having 2017 fully booked and you Celebrated and Seen!

Aaron Young
Creator of The Unshackled Owner, Business Guru

Ali Schiller
Accountability Works Founder

Amy Shuber
Inspired Conversations Podcast Host, Transformational Expert

Amy Zellner
Creative Business Coach, Author and Speaker

Andrea Carter
Wealthy Woman Warrior & Success on Fire CEO

Beth Banning
Inspirational Author & Speaker, Spiritual Catalyst

Bree Noble
Female Musician Mentor, Women of Substance Podcast Host

Connie Kadansky
Exceptional Sales Expert

Cozette White
Money Coach and Transformational Speaker

David Boozer
Internet Marketing Coach & Blogger

Debbi Dachinger
Media Maven, Radio Expert, Bestseller Launch Consultant

Debbianne DeRose
Mentor for Conscious Creators

Debi Silber
Wellness Expert, Speaker, Author

Devani Freeman
Modern Marketing & Social Media Strategist

Diane Conklin
Complete Marketing Systems Expert

Erica Duran
Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer & Biz Coach

Haley Gray
Best Selling Author, Founder

Heather Picken
Best Selling Author, Radio Host, and Wealth Activator

Jackie Lapin
PR Consultant, Booking Expert

James Taylor
World’s Leading Creative Life Coach

Jeffrey Shaw
Creative Warriors Podcast Host, Photographer

Lauren Polly
Beyond Speech, Limitless Communication Expert

Loren Fogelman
High Performance Consultant

Mark Silver
Heart of Business Founder, Spiritual Teacher

Samantha Bennett
Organized Artist Creator, Productivity Specialist

Selina Maitreya
Commercial Photography Consultant, Practical Spirituality Teacher

Stephanie Frank
Author of The Accidental Millionaire

Tiamo De Vettori
Transformational Speaker, Singer, Songwriter

Nikkea Devida
Accelerated Results Expert

Sean McCarthy
Executive Life and Business Coach

Susan Dolan
Google Expert & Social Media Genius

Stephanie Mulac
Strategy Expert for Visionary Entrepreneurs

High Performance Coach and Creative Consultant Loren Fogelman shares
how to bring your Audience & Clients  from Interested to Committed!